It’s not usually what you associate with the BBC but for us Barns, Buildings, and Compost are part of the day to day here at Le Chassaing. We’ve been working on our YouTube channel videos to bring you our latest updates. They are short and sweet. We pack the videos with all the things that are happening big and small. Sometimes we’re so busy we don’t have time to film. We do try to squeeze lots of footage in for you to get some sense of continuity for the projects we’re working on.

Latest Vlog – Barmy Barns & Cool Compost

Window update

We have a kitchen window update film to complete from Simon’s workshop and some cute pooch clips. I will pop a link on this post when it’s completed. We make the most of every day come rain or shine here in France. We’ve had a wonderful sunny spell but there are showers at the moment so at last I can get on with the editing and sharing our news updates with you. Look out for our new films! We intend for our blog subscribers to get a little more detail on the projects so if you do want extra notes from Le Chassaing just let us know what you are interested in knowing more about?

Barns, Buildings, and Compost. Working towards our environmentally friendly life now includes BEES!

One exciting new development is that our mini bee colony is on order and will join us in the summer. They will be living in the woodland and supporting the pollination of flowers, veg and anything they can land on. Simon has been reading up on the different varieties of bees and their care. Our son Alex, (who will hopefully join us in the summer during his break from university) has completed a bee keeping course. I’m in safe hands with these guys around.
Useful book recommendation Bee Keeping For All (Amazon UK) or (Amazon France)

What’s happening with the cider house?

You probably know that we made a start on the cider house accommodation last year. We’ll be getting back to the renovation of the cider house as soon as the worst of the barn roof is repaired and covered. EVENTUALLY… the cider house will be a wonderful place to stay and we hope to encourage our visitors to enjoy all that Creuse has to offer.

During your visit you will be able to sample our home grown veg, our honey, local cheeses, bread and produce along with a fine selection of wines carefully selected from the vineyards of France. We can’t wait to welcome you but places will be limited to just a few weekends as this will not be a full time occupation for us. It’s just something that we would like to share with those who have followed our progress and cheered us on along the way.

If you are interested in barns, buildings, and compost… moving to France, general renovation, or finding out more about our life in Creuse, we would love to welcome you at our home to experience a real taste for ‘the good life’ in France.
If you can’t wait for the completed renovation of our guest accommodation, don’t worry there are plenty of places we can recommend for you to stay. Please get in touch via the comments below.

Cider House Update, Cider House Part 2, Cider House Concrete Floor, Cider Press, pigeon poop

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