Winter Prep

  • Loft insulation – super thick with a vapor barrier
  • Ready dried and cut log collection bought by the SqMeter ‘A Steer’
  • Moving the Ash logs in to dry store
  • Cutting the felled trees down to size
  • Fixing four slipped roof tiles
  • Connect the insulated chimney liner to the flue
  • Insulate the huge register plate
  • Draught excluders fitted to the front door
  • Window putty temporary fix
  • Broken windows boarded or replaced
  • Powder extinguisher next to consumer unit in case of a lightning strike
  • Smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector switched on

Boys cutting wood with the traditional two-man saw that we found!

2 Comments on “Winter Prep”

  1. hi Nicola and Simon, thanks for your card and this link to see all your hard work, it’s great! Mum n dad just called in to drop it off. I am overjoyed at their move back to Sheffield, albeit for short periods in their globe trotting life now, I have so missed them.Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, lots of love and big hugs. Chris.xxxxxx

    • Hiya Chris,
      Thank you for your message good to hear from you. Each picture tells a story and links to more pictures so you can click away to find out all about what’s been going on. Yes, it’s an exciting time for Mum and Dad. It’s good to see them making the most of everything and getting to spend good times with family and friends is so important. Sharing the love as always x
      See you soon!

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