The big day has arrived! The beginning of the installation of the foss septique in the garden. Pictures of the team from Fosse Septique 23 below.

Steve and Marie are the perfect team to get your Fosse Septique installed. It’s a family business which is great because they understand where you’re coming from when you need a Septic Tank for your family home or business.

Our installation didn’t go exactly to plan. The output drain is fitted to the road drain which runs off under the road into our woodland or so we thought! When the time came to rod out the outflow it wasn’t quite that simple. The pipes went in a different direction. Steve got in touch with our Mayor who has the final say in these things.

The Maire for the commune visited our house personally to discuss the plans. The main water supply is under the road so ideally, he wanted to avoid digging up the road.

(We saw some recent works in or village where they literally tunnel under the road rather than dig it up. This preserves the road surface which makes for a fabulous French road system no divots and bumps).

Thankfully the Maire thought it logical to simply use the road drainage at our side of the road. It’s worth noting that our tank has an integrated treatment system so the outflow is clean water. We can happily use our tank while the paperwork takes the next six months or more to complete.

On inspection day the lightning and thunder roared above as all three peered down into the tank.
At last sign off day had arrived. We can legally flush! Next inspection in 10 years.

Fosse Septique 23 knows how to get the info correct for the authorities. They get the paperwork submitted on time, they give you a realistic time frame that is accurate. They also speak French with the right technical language required for the job (that’s a bonus).

Finally, for me, the true test of any company is how problems are dealt with. When issues crop up big or small Steve steps forward, takes responsibility and sorts it out while keeping you informed. For anyone moving into a new property where supply only or supply and installation is required then Fosse Septique 23 is the company to use.

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