We are preparing our wood for the winter. Chopping up the old fallen bits and logs that were left to season last autumn. The wood store needs to be dry and the old roof (as with all of the out buildings here) requires a little attention.

We have cleared the moss and made a few quick repairs with these red logo style tiles. Really easy to fit. There are still a few little drips coming through here and there, but this is as good as it gets for the wood store right now.

Simon plans to begin work on the barn and there are many hours of roofing time in that job. Following that the bread oven urgently needs repair. Especially the precarious chimney.
Time to get busy (although it’s not like we ever stopped).

Meanwhile Bert recovers slowly from his back injury by NOT Jumping up on to the sofa! You can see that we have put tables on the chairs to deter him.

Thank goodness he has recovered very well. We had to go to the vets for anti inflammatory medicine to reduce the swelling of one of his spinal disks. With their long backs shitzu’s can get in to serious problems with back injuries.

Bertie has been on cage rest for two weeks and now enjoys shorter walks along with being carried about to prevent him from zooming around and jumping up.

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