It was raining in France so we thought we’d escape to the Spanish sunshine to meet up with my parents (Paula & Bill) The break from work didn’t last very long as Simon had a meeting in the UK and when he returned to Malaga airport the country went into lockdown!

The Corona Virus was spreading, there was threat of border closure and we thought it was time to dash back to France. From the 20+ degrees of heat in Spain, we drove into the Spanish mountains where we found SNOW!

We arrived across the Spanish / French border just in time for France to also Lockdown.

At this moment we have Alex in the UK with Sheffield University closed. Paula and Bill still in Spain Locked-down for the over 70’s all flights canceled. Meanwhile Sarah & Eric in Surrey in the same situation. Although nothing puts them more at risk than the manic panic buying going bonkers in the UK. This leaves Eric searches the shops for supplies while trying to avoid the masses of people. Eggs, toilet roll, and pasta are a rare commodity.

Our nephew Ben learned that his GCSE year was over. No prom, no exams, no euphoria of finishing exams, and no right of passage. Niece Olivia also enjoying University in Leeds (studying to be a teacher) was abruptly halted from studies, work placements, nightclubbing and general social jollyfications. Cousins, Jodie & Tom who are due to get married in July are anxious as well as young families our niece and nephew Della & Ollie will, like many, suffer a reduced salary and their young children will miss out on school and playdays. Neice Zoe has disabilities so her day to day is difficult enough without added isolation and disruption in care. Imogen and boyfriend David will find it difficult to meet as social distancing may become enforced but they hope they can get on with their kitchen renovation. This will also be a huge problem for Katherine and Kevin to visit family. That’s just a snapshot from our family and I’ve no doubt wherever you are in the world social distancing is not easy.

We conclude that we are living in unprecedented times. We hope that you and your family continue to be safe and well. We are sticking by the rules and social distancing, no unnecessary travel and staying at home to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed and allow key workers to do their job as safely as possible. We are anxious about friends, family and well, everyone really.

Anyhow, before the world went bonkers here are a few pics from our one day holiday in Spain.

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