So you don’t have to work yourself to the bone when you are renovating in France. We do get out and about to see the various little villages and lakes. We meet new people, see live music and continue our french lessons. We sample the fine foods and wines along the way and I indulge in some vintage treasures as often as possible.

Check back for more posts on all of the wonderful things we see and do when we’re not renovating in France…

We’ve been making fruit jams and cakes from the glut of summer produce. Our neighbours have been keen to share all of their harvest with us. This year I’ve had a bounty of fruit and veg of my own. I have to keep re-planning the garden as there are so many new plants and veg I want to try in this wonderful climate here in Creuse.

The interiors are coming long slowly. I’ll be sharing an update on progress as we go in to the winter months and the interiors start to shape up as beautiful spaces for family and friends.

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