Wowsers the season to be jolly is here and although I wasn’t feeling particularly jolly for all the COVID reasons. We won’t let it get to us! We are planning for a very quiet and magical time here at Le Chassaing. The pooches are giddy. The winter wonderland frost and snow send them crazy. They zoom about, eating, and rolling in the snow. The temperatures have dropped and nature has painted us a beautiful winter wonderland.

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

It’s been chilly. Warming up on our walks has been essential followed by working by the fireside to keep up with our client projects. Here is a little slideshow of images from our walks.

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General Progress Update

We have continued to work on the barn roof and have covered bays 2 and 3 (the open sections with missing tiles) while we continue to work on bay 1. It’s all been preparation work. Recently we poured a stable concrete floor in bay 1 of the barn. Now we can set up the scaffolding to reach up to the highest point of the ridge. We then need to reach the apex that adjoins the house and lime mortar the top stones where we can securely point them ready for the new rafters.

It will be a waiting game for a period of dry weather before removing the last of the ridge tiles and boarding out then adding the sheets of waterproof membrane. We can then add the lats and finally get the new tiles on the roof.

You can see the November and December progress in our previous blog posts. The Rain, Snow, and Ice have slowed us down a little. You can also see our updates on film. Here is a link to the full play list on our YouTube Channel Notes From Le Chasssaing

In November we pointed the front of the cider house. With only one square meter to complete the temperatures plummeted and we had to cover the lime mortar during the curing stage. Freezing night temperatures mean we now have to wait until the spring before completing this job.

Thoughts have now moved back to the indoor tasks. The loft office has been progressed with a better rustic plaster wall finish and internet cabling is fixed permanently with an outdoor Arial to boost the signal. Simon added lots of new plug points including a floor socket for underneath the desk. Very convenient – I’ve always wanted one of these. Conference calls with our clients are much more professional in the office space. Can’t wait to get some radiators up there next year.

The peach guest bedroom wallpaper is now removed. The walls sugar soaped and the filling is in progress. We plan to panel below and wallpaper above one wall where the bed will be positioned. This will also hide the electrical cabling and radiator pipework. I’m now having lots of fun selecting a beautiful linocut wallpaper design. Can’t wait to show you!

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